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Most people think of lawn care as a full time and difficult job. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your lawn looks spectacular for most of the time. However, before you can get to even caring for your lawn, you need to start out right.

Make sure that you choose the right grass and flowers for your lawn. This will depend on the soil type, the weather of the region and the fertility of your soil. After you have the right plants on your lawn, here are some top tips to make it shine for the better part of the year.

Gettysburg PA Lawn Care Tips

Weeding – one of those things you should never forget to do is weeding. It is tedious and many people do not like to do it but it has to be done. Weeds are problematic and they make the lawn look unkempt and unsightly. They add patches of unwanted plants all over covering your grass and beautiful flowers. Ensure that your lawn is weeded out whenever you see weeds start to develop.

Soil Aeration – as your lawn is used and the plants grow, the soil becomes compact. When soil is compact it doesn’t allow passage of nutrients, air, and water easily to the roots of the plant. To get past this problem, the soil needs to be aerated.

Aeration is required if you have more than ½” of cover on the soil. It can be done using different types of aerators. You can use spike aerators, plug aerators or the core aerator. A core aerator is the best one because it pulls plugs of soil from the lawn to enhance the aeration. Spike aerators only make holes in the soil.

Use Fertilizers – do not be afraid to use fertilizers on your lawn. This is especially useful when the soil nutrient composition for your lawn is not as it should be. Adding fertilizers will increase the nutrients lacking in the soil making the grass and flowers grow better.

A good fertilizer also balances the PH of your soil making it ideal for plant growth. Choose organic fertilizers instead of synthetic ones and ensure you apply them in the right manner. Use the right amount of fertilizer and distribute it well.

Pruning – this is one of the most overlooked practices for people with plants on their lawns. Pruning stimulates the growth of the trees and bushes in your lawn. You can also use it to shape the plants and enhance their growth the way you want.

Proper Mowing – many people mow their lawns but they never do it right. If you mow your lawn and find that the grass is yellowing at the tips, it means you did not do it right. Use sharp blades to avoid breaking and splitting your grass. Also ensure that you cut the grass to the right height, at the right stage, and varying the mowing pattern.

Mulching – do not forget to mulch your lawn. Mulching helps the soil retain water by slowing evaporation. It prevents the growth of weeds and prevents erosion from maintaining the soil structure.

It is important that you also remember to water your lawn and monitor the soil PH for a thicker and greener lawn.